Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dickens Festival and Emmie

It is a cold, windy but sunny day and the rain has stopped in Medford (for now!). They say snow later on in the week but for now, it is actually a really nice and brisk day out there.

We had a hectic last week here at Creative Genius and I just wanted to say thank you for a fun Dickens Festival. For starters, thanks go to all our customers, both new and existing, who stopped in on Dickens Night and showed support. We greatly appreciate you and your appreciation of fine art and fine craft. A big thank you also to our helpers this year: Reece, Makayla, Gina, Chris and Chris (and Zachary too!). Thanks for being there! We had a great time and hope you did too!

I also wanted to take a moment during this season of giving to mention a brave little girl named Emily Mangione who has extensive health issues and has had not only a birthday this past week but a hospital stay. I know her mom, Kim, through the gallery and she is like supermom. The emotional, physical and financial toll that a very ill child can have on a family is extensive yet Kim is always positive, upbeat and filled with hope in her email updates about Emmie and I not only admire that but want to make people more aware of Emmie and what she has and continues to go through. Even with all the problems we all may have, I think when you look at a little 8 year old who battles every day of her life, you have to really get some perspective. To learn more about Emmie and her family, please visit www.emmie.info

Enjoy the season...try not to stress too much and not to forget the true meaning...

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