Saturday, April 19, 2008


Yes, it has been a while since anything has been posted here and it is primarily because Creative Genius has expanded, and I have been incredibly busy (with lots of help) making it happen.
The studio is now in the rear of our space with a convenient separate entrance and access to the rear parking lot. Very convenient and great for people coming in for classes, parties, etc. It is all set up and is a nice studio environment. Nothing too fancy but it totally works and our students have been loving it so far.
The gallery is now 25% bigger. Where our studio space used to be is now additional gallery/exhibit space and we are slowly adding more cool items. We've got sculptures arriving, we've got new art arriving and we're having fun making it all happen. There's even a spot to sit near our StoryPeople area (I promised a few StoryPeople fans that this would happen and I am not one to back out of a promise :)
So there's great things happening every day...come see what's new at Creative Genius!
To read the press release about our expansion, visit us on the web at

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