Wednesday, November 26, 2008

And Speaking of Fun with Mosaics...

The art teacher at Medford Memorial School in Medford, NJ (where my gallery is located) does this great project. She works with her kids on creating something small and easily transportable and then brings the art projects out to the community by having them displayed in different businesses during the Dickens Festival/Holiday season here in town. It is a great way for kids to see their work out in the world and as an art gallery owner, I think the whole project is awesome. I have participated in the past and loved seeing the kid's faces when they came in and saw their works on display. And the community really loved looking at the projects, especially people who knew the
"creators" personally. The art teacher didn't want a lot of publicity for herself in relation to this project but her name is Nancy Ohotzke and I think her project with her students is a great way to promote the arts. Thanks to Nancy and all the great kids from Medford Memorial School who are displaying their works throughout Medford Village! Shown above are photos of the mosaic window display and the inside gallery display of the Medford Memorial Mosaics at Creative Genius Art Gallery & Studio.

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