Friday, March 20, 2009

Law of Attraction Paintings by Kate Lemay

“I attract to my life whatever I give my energy, focus and attention to, whether wanted or unwanted.”- Michael Losier

I am so excited to finally have the great new works I was awaiting from Kate Lemay. The Law of Attraction paintings are here!

Here's some information:
In each Lemay Law of Attraction creation there is a special word within the original painting.
The viewer can connect to the painting, to the word, or to both.
These “little things” make great gifts for special people in your life.
By focusing on the word and how it is placed within the painting the viewer can nurture the feeling of what life would be like if the word in the painting reached it’s full potential in his or her life.

These original works of art are available in 18 different words as well as custom words for $ 19.95 each. They make a really special gift or a treat for yourself.

You definitely want to check these out...

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