Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fun with Glitter, Glue and Cardstock (or why Thursday morning turned into a craft project!)

Most people who know me know that I am not a crafty person. There's nothing wrong with being crafty but it just isn't how I roll :)  We tend towards fine craft in all of our class offerings, etc and I just don't have a lot of excess time with which to dabble in assorted fun projects. That being said, I took a look at my gallery window this morning and knew that a little craft project was in order.

Although I am creative and have big, life-sized ideas, I am always on a budget. So this morning, out came the glitter, glue and card stock. I had to dig through a box to find the hot glue gun-yes, we do own one here, although it doesn't get much use. I had to rummage through another box to find the glitter-my least favorite artistic substance on the planet. Why, you ask? Because I am a photographer and glitter is the arch enemy of camera equipment. Then on to the idea......hmmm....

So I came up with an Easter/Bunny theme but Creative Genius style. That means it is not over the top in terms of easter whimsy and has a slightly (and in this case, slightly is the key operative word) modern edge to it. The idea came from a line drawing of bunny ears I came across in someone's cutesy email signature. The bags someone gave me and they were colorful and color attracts attention. In fact, I got more attention for my gallery window when I put white boxes with blue and purple tulle bows on them in my window than with anything else I have done. Incredibly simple but color pops and gets noticed.

Okay, so it is a little crafty but who doesn't love little bunny ears, right? So here's to Spring/Easter...warm weather and sun would be great but for now I will settle for colorful bags and bunny ears...and now I'm off to pack away the glue and glitter...hopefully for a while....

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