Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Technical Difficulties...

This morning when I got into the gallery, I answered the phone and directed the caller on signing up for a workshop. She informed me that the Creative Genius website was not working and nothing showed up when she went to it....well, that was unexpected and I immediately checked it out, only to discover the same missing website that my client had experienced.
As it happens, it was an easy problem to fix which took approximately 90 minutes to accomplish. That's right, NINETY MINUTES. Somehow, when you have to fix any sort of problem that involves calling someone these days, inevitably you are met with a bunch of choices (select option one for billing...blahblahblah) and just as inevitably you are left waiting for a long time once your selections are made. And if you are fortunate enough to have someone answer the phone right away, that person generally fits into the following set of options:
a-can't solve your problem because they are actually in the wrong department
b-doesn't speak english well (probably because they are in a call center somewhere far far away) and therefore you can't understand them to begin to resolve your problem
c-that person disconnects you by accident, of course, and you must resort to starting the entire process over again.
It's a wonder we're all not crazy...
Thankfully, the Creative Genius website is now up and running...at least until next year, when some other unplanned atrocities could strike again.
Someone should just shoot me when that happens....


  1. I should have all my website clients read your post. Maybe then they would appreciate having an American in New Jersey that really cares about their business as well as their website.

  2. Feel free to send it along! Everyone should appreciate their American service :)