Saturday, April 23, 2011

One of my new favorites...

I definitely have a lot of favorite artists and a lot of interesting choices to pick from. My list is a long one...because I DO have a ton of really great choices. 

The latest addition to my favorites list is an artist named Tari Zarka. Her work has been at Creative Genius for the past year or so and has become a new favorite among our clients. Her works have been purchased as gifts and as impulse buys. They are one of a kind and the price is right which instantly translates well for all kinds of people. It also makes it very easy to convince yourself you just NEED to have it. And lots of folks do just that!

An except from Tari's Bio:
What drives me to create is what motivates me to be the best person I can me: mood enhancement. When I create something – whether it is a piece of glass, a painting, or a smile on someone’s face – my life’s burdens are lifted. I am also driven by the knowledge that my creations enhance the moods of those who receive them.

I find inspiration everywhere – in the glorious landscape, through the face of adversity, within the cashier at a convenience store, etc. Everything and everyone offers a chance for us to learn and grow.

Ever since I started creating art in the far away corners of my family’s hosiery mill in Bucks County, I have searched to find ways to love what I do each and every day. If something from me inspires another to move toward a life of happiness then I feel that I have done my job. This is the current in my artistic evolution. 

Another artist on the list is Abbe Gold, who recently brought in some new mosaic works from her large collection of creations. These are interesting, decorative or functional and well-done. We appreciate adding more of her works to our assortment of American creations. She splits her time between Colorado and New Jersey and perhaps next time she is in NJ for a while, we'll ask her to be a guest mosaic workshop instructor. Here's a peek at some of her latest creations...


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