Friday, June 3, 2011

New Permanent Mosaic Exhibit at Creative Genius!

I am going to start this post by saying a great big thank you to Diane Emerson, the wonderful artist responsible for the permanent mosaic exhibit, now displayed on the outside of Creative Genius Art Gallery & Studio.

My husband Chris spent yesterday evening installing the exhibit and I am so excited about how it turned out, I can't even begin to describe it. I took some pictures to share how our evening went and show the progression of things being installed. Thank you, Chris, for doing such a great job with those wonderful works of art!

I am especially excited about this because it showcases one of my favorite local artists who is also one of the nicest people around. She deserves every bit of praise she receives because she truly is a talented and professional individual. We're proud to showcase not only this exhibit but other works of art available for sale from her on a regular basis. She is going to be creating some smaller mirrored mosaics for sale at Creative Genius. The exhibit is not for sale but those smaller ones will be. I have a feeling they will be like candy for the eyes and folks won't be able to get just one. The look of mirrored mosaics has always been a favorite of mine so what better pieces of art to showcase on the outside of Creative Genius...

Chris during installation

Lots of drilling needed for this install!

Lots of stuff needed to make the install happen!

Here's the press release that describes the exhibit:
Medford Gallery Installs Permanent Exhibition by Local Artist

MEDFORD, NJCreative Genius Art Gallery and Studio welcomes permanent mosaic exhibition by Medford artist, Diane Emerson.

Side view of part of the exhibit
Creative Genius Art Gallery and Studio, located at 32 North Main Street in Medford, NJ, has just installed a unique permanent exhibit you won’t want to miss. The outside of the gallery is now the home of nine one-of-a-kind mirrored mosaic tiles by Diane Emerson. The tiles depict various unique creations and unique class offerings that describe all that Creative Genius Art Gallery and Studio offers. All the scenes on each mosaic were created using custom ceramic tiles individually crafted by the artist as well as a colorful combination of ceramic, glass and mirrored tiles. Each tile is a true work of art and shows the creativity, color, design elements and attention to detail that Diane Emerson is known for in all her creative works.

Diane works out of her Medford home studio. A retired art teacher, she began working with tile over 30 years ago at Pemberton Township High School. Her students have created many of the mosaic murals and tile pieces that still adorn the school’s walls today.

The artist likes to use handmade tile pieces and mirror in her designs in her mosaics. The handmade tile adds another dimension to the work…glazes that puddle, raised uneven surfaces and a one of a kind look. The mirror adds a little eye-catching whimsy. To quote song writer Stephen Sondheim“ bit by bit, piece by piece…putting it together, only way to make a work of art ”. 

The exhibit sees the light of day!
In addition to her unique mosaic creations, Diane is also a skilled ceramic artist. Her works are available for sale in many venues throughout the region and proudly, one of those venues is Creative Genius Art Gallery and Studio.

For more information about Diane Emerson or the permanent exhibition at Creative Genius, please contact Julie Basello-Holt at or by phone (609) 714-1131.

Creative Genius Art Gallery & Studio is on the web at

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