Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Unique visitors...

I had the privilege of working with a special needs group of adults from Twin Oaks this past Saturday in the Creative Genius studio. We are set up to do three different classes with the group over the next few months. At first it seemed as if the students didn't quite know what to expect when they walked into the studio and sat down. But once I started chatting and explaining what we were going to accomplish, everyone seemed to warm up. 

The communication skills varied in the group, from very verbally communicative to no verbal communication at all, which would have made things challenging had I been alone. However, there were two group leaders from Twin Oaks who assisted with the students and they were fantastic with the group. They were very aware of everyone's natural strengths and were really encouraging to each of the students.

The Bowl Everyone Helped Create
Each student created a small clay bowl using the pinch pot method of creating with clay. Then everyone got to paint their bowl using underglazes. Once they all completed their bowls, they got to help me paint the demo bowl I created to show them the project at the beginning of class. So overall, everyone got to work individually and also as a team.

I enjoyed having the group in the studio and am looking forward to our next project in March. I hope they enjoyed themselves too!

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