Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekend Happenings....

It's always exciting when there are a lot of activities happening in the Creative Genius Studio. The next few weekends definitely meet the "full schedule" criteria that I set for myself whenever I am putting together my studio workshop schedule.

This Saturday, February 11th,  there are two really cool workshops scheduled in the studio. 

The first is actually not a Creative Genius offering but the workshop instructors booked the Creative Genius studio. It is a workshop being taught by gallery owner, Julie Basello-Holt and jewelry artist, Michele Grady, for artists who want to learn how to turn their creations into a viable business. The name of it is Fine Crafts 101: The Business of Selling Your Creations and it was put together by Michele and Julie to help emerging artists create or fine tune their businesses with help from our varying knowledge bases. For more information on future dates for this workshop, visit Future dates will be held throughout the area in various locations.

The second great offering is Ghost Night Pottery Workshop for Couples, also being held on Saturday, Feb 11th from 6-8:30pm. Couples can enjoy a pottery workshop including hand-building, wheel-throwing and light refreshments. Creative Genius instructor Chris Holt will guide students through a 2 1/2 hour pottery lesson...good stuff! And perfect to do with your significant other...

Next Saturday, Feb 18th during the day, Creative Genius will be hosting two kids clay workshops. One is a clay cupcake workshop, where students will create a sculptural cupcake out of clay. The other workshop is funky clay breakfast, where students will create a clay breakfast plate. Both workshops promise fun and creativity, plus hand-building clay lesson. Registration is required so call 609-714-1131 if interested in registering your child.

To visit Creative Genius's website for more upcoming workshops, click on this link

To register for any workshop on the Creative Genius workshop schedule, call 609-714-1131 or email

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