Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How's Your Garden Doing?

If you had to think about that question, we've got some adornments for your poor yard that will make you smile.

Coming from the standpoint of offering my clients items that are handmade in the United States by artists and fine crafters, I always appreciate hand-crafted adornments for the home and garden. They are better quality than those "made in China" things that are sold at most big box chain stores that sell yard items. They are also usually a lot more interesting and unique. Many of the artists I know even make one of a kind items that you won't find anywhere else. Let's hear it for having the most unique yard on your street!

Some new items recently arrived that will surely dress up your yard.
One are garden stakes by Rustica Ornamentals. These are metal, in some cases weathered and in some cases painted. So far, the moon is my favorite but a cat design is on the way so I might change my mind. They also create outdoor wall art--another great addition to your patio area. If you spend time outdoors in an outdoor living area, you definitely want it to feel comfortable and homey and art helps! 

Another interesting addition is some fun outdoor lighting. These bottle candle holders are by Antoinette Lotz who utilizes her stained glass skills to create these adorable additions to any yard. Put one on a garden stake or hang from a gazebo, fence or pergola for a nice touch of light on a summer evening. Antoinette suggested the display idea which we love. 

Antoinette also makes these great bottle lamps. If you have electricity on your patio, one of these will jazz things right up! Made from upcycled bottles and recycled scraps from stained glass pieces, these are a true colorful find. Like candy for your yard!

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