Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Anniversary Tale...

A month or so ago, I received an email from Tim, who was in the military in Afghanistan and was scheduled to be home in the beginning of November. He was going to be missing his wedding anniversary and he wanted to do something special for his wife when he arrived home. He inquired about renting the gallery at Creative Genius to set up an intimate dinner in an unexpected but unique location for his wife.

The two arrived on Sunday, after getting prepared dinners from a local restaurant. I had recommended Braddocks to Tim earlier in the week and they decided to go with my local recommendation, which was nice. Tim proceeded to set up the whole table, complete with customized table cloth, candles and lots of other special touches. It really was lovely. Then he brought his wife, Kristen in.

The couple enjoyed a lovely dinner and seemed to really enjoy themselves. Kristen definitely appreciates surprises and her husband, Tim, obviously has no trouble thinking outside of the box when it comes to making his wife feel special.
I was honored to meet this terrific couple and provide the location for them to celebrate their anniversary. It isn't often that you get to help something special like this dinner happen and I definitely appreciated the gallery being a part of their anniversary.

Great meeting you and happy anniversary, Tim and Kristen!

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