Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New at Creative Genius

It is an exciting time of year here at Creative Genius. These days, I spend most of my time preparing for the holidays so that I can provide my clients with an exciting new assortment of fine art and fine craft in a fun and festive setting. Sounds simple but believe me, it is far from easy. There are days that I would prefer doing anything but climbing up and down a ladder, hanging lights/ornaments/art and anything else that requires suspension from the ceiling. And then there is the gift wrapping and packaging...I love to provide the service of gift wrapping to my clients but what I don't love is having to become a psychic and predict exactly how much of our special mirrored silver wrapping paper I am going to need to get us through Oct, Nov and Dec. Plus the rolls of tulle that we use in our signature wrapping are equally hard to predict. And yes, I know these thing will still get used even if we over-order and end up with extra. I understand that wrapping paper and tulle rolls are not like lettuce or tomatoes and that they don't go bad. And that leads right into my next frustration with preparations...there's a BUDGET I have to stick to as well...and it is a STRICT ONE...yikes!
Aside from all of the monstrous stress I normally encounter this time of year, I actually do love all that preparing the gallery for the holidays entails. This year, we've actually got our great exhibit running through the end of the year as well. Michele Grady's hand-crafted original jewelry designs are great for all kinds of people and will surely be a big hit for holiday gifts (or self-gifts) this year. Don't forget to join us on the 26th of Oct to kick off the opening of this great exhibit.

Now if I could just predict the future, I might get the preparations right...

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