Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chrissy Caps Special Order

On Saturday, my stepdaughter and I worked on a special order for her Chrissy Caps. Chrissy Caps are necklaces and key chains designed by Chrissy and made from found objects and bottle caps. She uses all kinds of bottle caps in all kinds of colors and creates the insides using found objects, beads, glitter, pictures and all kinds of other goodies. We have sold many of her creative Chrissy Caps since she started making them in November of 2009.
This past week we received a special order for key chains using the logo for an organization. So Chrissy got to work this Saturday in the studio to create the key chains for the special order. She cut her chains, set up and chose the caps she would use and then designed her caps.

Our clients love these little goodies and they make a cool gift for just about anyone who can appreciate using materials that would otherwise end up in the trash to create clever art.
For more information about Chrissy Caps, give us a call at Creative Genius Art Gallery & Studio.

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