Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Earning a Girl Scout "Camera Shots" Badge at Creative Genius...

This past Saturday, I got the opportunity to work with a great Girl Scout troop to help them earn their Camera Shots badge. This badge class combined some classroom learning along with hands-on interaction and the kids seemed to really enjoy themselves and take a lot away with them at the end. We got to look at the work of professional photographers and the girls got to analyze each others work as well.One of the enjoyable parts for them was learning how to be a storyteller with your camera. By working in pairs, they completed their hands-on projects (with some coaching from me).
Overall, it was a fun little session. And in just over an hour and a half, the troop had earned their Camera Shots Badge.
We have Photography Badge programs available at Creative Genius for both Juniors as well as Cadettes. The cadette program is a bit more advanced but both programs cover basics as well as additional lessons not required as part of earning a badge. Both programs were created by me specifically using Girl Scouts guidelines and badge requirements. Since I teach photography to kids and adults weekly, I have a pretty good amount of information to share and I also don't mind answering questions either.
And we also offer a great Junior Pottery Badge class in our studio too...
Once, a million years ago (give or take a few years) I was a girl scout too so I have a special place in my heart for all those great girls who want to try something new to earn their badges and gain the knowledge and sense of accomplishment that comes from learning something completely different.
Always something fun happening at Creative Genius!

The pictures below show the girls during the storytelling exercise. A lot of creativity was shown during this exercise...it wasn't easy at first but once they got into it, the looked like they were having fun.

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