Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And the award for worst blogger in the world goes to...

I have been a completely lame blogger.
That being said, it has not been for a lack of good intentions. October through December were spent on a myriad of photo shoots and then onto the editing and order-processing part of the equation.For those of you who don't know, I am a professional photographer and co-own True Story Photography in addition to owning and operating Creative Genius. What can I say, I have a need to  keep myself very occupied :)Amidst all of the good business stuff (and it really was all good stuff), I also worked full time in the gallery, first preparing for and then executing on our holiday season sales. Fortunately, the holidays went very well and we're now on to January, the beginning of which has been spent on organization, planning and tax stuff. Not my most fun time of year, although the planning part is fun!

Let's discuss the fruits of my planning for a moment:
This year we are beginning a new referral program to reward those customers who constantly talk about us. I figured I had so many great supporters at Creative Genius and a referral program would help them earn some points that they could utilize throughout the year. To me, it was a great way to thank them for something they already do anyway. None of them expected any rewards which makes the perks even better.
I truly have the nicest, most supportive customers around and they are the reason that Creative Genius continues to be in operation for the past seven years. Thank you! (and you know who you are!)

We're also doing a new lunch/mini- party program for some of the offices in the area who employee folks who shop at Creative Genius. This one is in the works and we're excited for our first group to join us at the end of this month. We'll let you know how it goes...

Another big item on the list-- made a major purchase at the end of last year: a new kiln which leads into the last planning thing on the agenda...we're going to finally do some fused glass workshops. Please don't be confused with all the gimmicks out there-we're talking REAL KILN-FUSED glass in a real kil with a qualified instructor who works with glass. Yippee! I want the first workshop to be something totally useful and fun. We should have details shortly...first and foremost, we have to get it set up and we will definitely keep our customers posted. It may take a little time but at least it's here, officially here.
Stay tuned....and hopefully I will not win any more awards for worst blogger in the world...I can DEFINITELY win better awards than THAT...:)

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