Thursday, February 3, 2011

Little inspirations...

I think teaching is an opportunity to constantly be inspired by the folks around you. I am fortunate to be able to teach students in the Creative Genius studio as well as watch others teach in the studio too. And the students who have come through here are more than a little inspiring to me. My teachers have a variety of experiences that have brought them to a place where they are comfortable enough to teach others and they are all top notch in terms of talent, teaching ability and pedigree :)
Cody, during digital photo class with me

We have some really creative and fun folks who have been in our pottery classes, some great talent coming out of Digital Photography classes (both kids and adults too) and really unique perspectives in our Painting and Drawing Classes for Adults. Painting and Drawing for Teens is always full of creative surprises too. Jewelry classes also host a huge pool of talented folks with great design ideas who learn all about how to make their ideas happen.

A pic that Cody, my student, took of me

Floral Pottery shown by Andrea Smeraski

I just love the idea that folks get to come into an environment that I created from nothing and get inspired to create the way they do. I find it fascinating to see the progress that is made and it is even more rewarding when I start to see posts on facebook that just blow me away (good job, Kathleen! )

One of my favorite quotes is fitting:
"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes; art is knowing which ones to keep."

Kudos to all who create and who have the guts to not only make the effort but to put themselves out there with their creations.

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