Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thinking of spring...

The last few days have really made spring pop into the forefront of my brain. I love when it's sunny and somewhat warm. In fact, I am perfectly fine with weather in the 50s and 60s this time of year--what a gift!

All the new items arriving in the gallery are really bringing spring to mind for me too. In addition to our great finds at the Buyers Market a few weeks ago, we've also got some other new additions coming in. Some new jewelry from Marianna Bellantoni has really, for me, made the warm weather feel closer than ever. She works with all kinds of sea glass along with metal and other gemstones and her latest works are my new favorites.

We've also got some new additions coming from Michele Grady shortly that will really jazz up her showcase. Here's a little preview...

We just scheduled a bunch of mosaic workshops and added them to our workshop calendar and we've also got some great things coming up, including Figure Drawing, tons of jewelry workshops, Stained Glass and more. Our weekly classes are happening as usual including pottery classes, digital photography classes for adults and kids, painting and drawing for teens, adults, and children and much more...

For me, warmer weather all the time couldn't come soon enough...warmer weather means sun, beach, camps and more...can't wait!

(ps. I'm getting one of these ring sets...this is 5 rings in 1 and looks amazing...!)

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