Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Meaning Behind Spoon Rings...

Just came across an interesting blog post about spoon rings and wanted to share. The artist who posted is someone we work with at Creative Genius. Her name is Jennifer Northup and she makes wonderful silverware jewelry. Actually her jewelry is like no other silverware jewelry I have ever seen (and in my 8 years working in this industry, I have seen quite a bit!). Her necklaces and rings are welcome additions at Creative Genius and our clients really like how unique her take on silverware jewelry is. Her blog post is below...who would have thought that spoon rings were so romantic?


The many meanings of Spoon Rings...

Spoon rings originated in 17th century England. There are some things that retain their general meaning across centuries and across oceans. Made from spoons that servants had stolen from their masters’ homes, the rings were used as wedding rings by those who could not afford the “real thing”. Spoon rings still represent the meaning of love and commitment that they once did.

The centuries old Welsh custom of giving "love spoons" meant a would-be suitor gave a spoon to a girl he wished to court. A practice that originated in the 15th century, the suitor often carved the spoon himself or commissioned a spoon. Spoons became very ornate with symbols of love and promise.

Give that special someone that you love a Spoon Ring and let the tradition continue.

Photos shown ©2010 by George Post for Silver Spoon Jewelry

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