Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blueberry or Cherry?

The hardest decision made in Clay Camp today? Blueberry or Cherry!

Today's clay camp project was a combination of sculptural and slab work along with lots of practice scoring and slipping. The group created individual pieces of pie. With lots of coaching and direction, each camper made their own little piece of pie on a plate. and then got to the fun part--choosing blueberry or cherry! And once they got to work glazing, their creations really took shape. These pieces are greenware and still need to be fired, clear glazed and fired again. But if they look cool right now, they will look even better when they are shiny!

This year's Clay Camp projects have been really fun...from rattles to vases to wheel pieces to wall hangings, we've covered all the methods of creating in clay and learned a lot too. Everyone has been really focused on creating but also on scoring and slipping so their creations actually make it through the kiln firings and make it home safely.

As usual, Clay Camp here at Creative Genius, which is our 8th Clay Camp, has been a blast. The group this year is fantastic. Not only are the kids creative but they are so well-behaved that I can't believe a good majority of them are under the age of 10. They are an amazing group- very focused and really fun to work with. Awesome job, campers! See you tomorrow morning for the finale of Clay Camp 2011!

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