Friday, February 25, 2011

An Artful Sunday...

This past Sunday, my assistant Reece and I attended the Buyers Market of American Craft. This is a show that happens twice a year and targets folks like us, who operate fine art and fine craft galleries. The artists who showcase their work are usually very top notch and the quality is great. It is always fun to walk around and stalk new items and new artists for the gallery. This time around, we targeted a few specific categories and got a ton of information for us to utilize throughout the year. In addition, we also have two new artists who will be joining us within the next two months. And more to follow...
One is Becky Hembly, whose beautiful candles are truly works of art. Her candles definitely meet the creative criteria I have going on in my brain, every time I view potential new Creative Genius items. Reece seemed really excited about these and I think they are a new and perfect addition to our unique collection of art and artists.

Another new addition are purses from Hardwear by Renee. These are the perfect fit for our clients. They are modern and contemporary with just a touch of an industrial feel. Love, love, love these! Renee came highly recommended from a few other gallery owners I have connected with over the years in different states and I have to say, I think these are a great recommendation.

These are too beautiful to look hand-crafted!

This was Reece's first Buyers Market and she took to it like a fish to water. She was a natural, going up to artists and communicating intelligently about what we were looking for and about their items. She really has paid attention over he past three+ years, even when I thought she wasn't. I had to remind myself that she is only twenty. Good job, Reece! I'm really proud of you!

As much as I love the Buyers Market, I think the most fun part of the day came afterwards, when we headed over to Liz Kinder's Pottery Studio to view some of her new and available works. The studio is my dream space for a studio or even to live in. It is an industrial building and she and her husband and kids used to live above the studio before moving recently. The only downside is the neighborhood which is not the greatest and made for some funny (but kind of creepy) stories that Liz shared with us. Liz is a hugely talented and creative potter and also has a really funny blog that I enjoy reading. Her pieces are collected by folks all over the country and she is right over the bridge in Philly. Plus, she is a great person and a pleasure to interact with, which made the studio visit even better. We got to choose from racks and racks of awesome pottery pieces from tea cups and bud vases to large bowls, vases and plates. Can you tell I am a huge Liz Kinder fan? If I had my way, my entire set of dishes would be those made by Liz Kinder and I would use them EVERY DAY. No lie...I'm a huge fan. Here's a little peek from our newest pieces from Liz...Way to kick off spring!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

An Art Museum a Week

We were fortunate to be featured recently on blog that I feel is very well-written and has a unique and kind of cool purpose. Basically the blog author visits an art related venue each week and writes about it in the hopes that others will become informed about some of the great venues out there that aren't necessarily in the city but right in your proverbial backyard. I enjoyed meeting her and think she did a wonderful job of positively portraying all that I think is great about Creative Genius Art Gallery & Studio. It means a lot that someone truly understands and was able to positively convey what I have worked hard to create over an eight year time frame. So a great big thank you!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Featured Store!

Creative Genius is the featured store on Amy Peters' blog...check it out...
Amy has some great jewelry items for sale...her designs are fun, creative, definitely original and there are items available in all price ranges. Our newest favorite (and our clients too) are the heart button bracelets, available in various colors and very very cute for all ages.
Thanks for the feature, Amy!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Upcoming workshops at Creative Genius

Greetings from chilly but sunny Medford, NJ!
Today's post is all about getting out and trying something new. We specialize in helping our clients get creative and learn something they have always wanted to learn. And our schedule is pretty full of exciting February activities you won't want to miss...
If you see anything you'd like to register for, call us at 609-714-1131...more information about each of the workshops listed may be found on our website (see link with this post)

Coming up on Feb 12th from 2-5pm, this workshop is a great way to learn the basics of working with Precious Metal Clay. This clay like substance becomes pure silver (99.5% pure silver) once it is fired. It is a popular material for making jewelry.

Feb 19th from 12-2pm
Learn beginner wire-working techniques using some simple tools and your own creativity.

Feb 26th from 9am-1pm
Create an 8x10 inch panel while learning basic beginner stained glass techniques.

Feb 22nd from 6:30-8:30pm
With instruction and a live figure model, complete some basic drawing exercises utilizing charcoal. Supply list provided at registration. Model fees included with workshop.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Today I finally finalized our fun schedule of creative summer day camps for 2011. Camps are always a good time here at Creative Genius and the kids who spend time in them get to have a lot of fun while they are actually learning new things. Being a part of the camps is always a treat.
I decided that we would be doing something as a giveaway to go along with the camps so here it is:

To enter our contest, please email me at or call 609-714-1131 and we'll get you an entry form and the contest rules. It can't hurt to try and win half-off one of our camps in 2011. One lucky child will be crowned our summer creative genius when he or she wins this contest. I can't wait to see what gets created...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Little inspirations...

I think teaching is an opportunity to constantly be inspired by the folks around you. I am fortunate to be able to teach students in the Creative Genius studio as well as watch others teach in the studio too. And the students who have come through here are more than a little inspiring to me. My teachers have a variety of experiences that have brought them to a place where they are comfortable enough to teach others and they are all top notch in terms of talent, teaching ability and pedigree :)
Cody, during digital photo class with me

We have some really creative and fun folks who have been in our pottery classes, some great talent coming out of Digital Photography classes (both kids and adults too) and really unique perspectives in our Painting and Drawing Classes for Adults. Painting and Drawing for Teens is always full of creative surprises too. Jewelry classes also host a huge pool of talented folks with great design ideas who learn all about how to make their ideas happen.

A pic that Cody, my student, took of me

Floral Pottery shown by Andrea Smeraski

I just love the idea that folks get to come into an environment that I created from nothing and get inspired to create the way they do. I find it fascinating to see the progress that is made and it is even more rewarding when I start to see posts on facebook that just blow me away (good job, Kathleen! )

One of my favorite quotes is fitting:
"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes; art is knowing which ones to keep."

Kudos to all who create and who have the guts to not only make the effort but to put themselves out there with their creations.